S’cool Flax 8.5 Kids Foldable Scooter Blue/Black (2021)



The foldable scooter series flaX from S’cool was developed and designed for cool kids.

The sporty scooters with coaster brakes are THE practical means of kids transportation for short distances to school or the football field.

Main Specifications:

Tire / wheel size230 / 200mm PU, front 230 * 40, rear 215 * 40, ABEC -7
Height-adjustable handlebar920 mm – 1020 mm
Folding option112.5×13.3×30.5 cm
Standwith side stand

Scooter`s  Geometry

A min handlebar height920 mm
A max handlebar height1020 mm
B roll size230 / 200mm