EXIT Tiggy junior trampoline with bar – 140 cm diameter


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This compact round trampoline has a bar to hold on to while jumping and has a low step, so that toddlers can easily get onto the trampoline.


  • Minimum age: 3 years
  • Maximum age: 5 years
  • Type: Trampoline on legs/supports
  • Model: 140 cm diameter with bar
  • Shape: Round
  • Colour: Black/grey
  • Easily assembled: Yes
  • Average assembly time (2 persons): 30 minutes
  • Quality mark(s): T?V, CE, GS, EN 71
  • Weather resistant: Yes


  • Height: 100 cm
  • Diameter: 145 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg

Package includes:

  • Jump mat
  • Black grey padding with tiger print
  • 30 Elastics of 40 cm
  • 6 Metal legs
  • Bar with foam

The EXIT Tiggy junior trampoline is especially designed for toddlers. Instead of using springs like in the larger trampolines, this trampoline is equipped with elastics. The elastics allow for a more flexible bounce and a soft landing to reduce the impact on the body, so that young children can show off their first jumps with great pride.

The trampoline bar offers extra support and grip, so that toddlers can jump safely and stay in place at the same time. And what happens in case of a fail jump? Thanks to the soft foam in the padding and around the the bar, your child will always land softly. After all, the padding also completely covers the elastics of the trampoline.