AeroWall BLK&GRY + Large 500 x 300 cm Trampoline Berg Ultim Elite FlatGround (16ft)


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The unique AeroWall is designed for the execution of (extreme) tricks by those who consider themselves as a ?real? jumper.

The Wall is inflated and secured to a very firm and solid frame. This ensures stability and sturdiness against which can be jumped against. The Wall is easy to assemble and dis-assemble and includes a pump.

Main Features:

  • ? The Airflow jumping mat allows 50% more Airflow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping!
  • ? Because the Twinspring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface.
  • ? The 500 x 300 cm rectangular shape means you can make nice jumps over the entire length of the trampoline!
  • ? Extra safety due to the thick PVC protective edge.
  • ? The patented frame is easy to assemble and install!
  • ? The patented frame consists of a strong profile of 120 x 60 mm.
  • ? Super silent frame.
  • ? Because the trampoline is sunk into the ground, it is easy to step onto and it is also nicely concealed in your garden.
  • ? Extra long lifespan of the protective edge due to an upper and lower layer of no less than 0.55-mm-thick PVC!
  • ? Available with the extra high (220cm) Safety net Deluxe XL. 22% Higher, 22% Safer!